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Arko Guest

Soka tore oie kandhiche sokale sono sone pita koho kane kane sonao prane prane mangol barta.


Mamlu senior consultant, YPO( volunteer for storytelling weekly.)

Dill Khush Ho gaya ! Aakhe Bhar Aayi!


Aryan Guest

It was very nice to experience how the blind people study and play games etc. Best place and school I have ever been


Arko Lead singer, Fiddler’s Green

May your hands always be busy , May your feet always be swift!


MANAN A Social Working Team

We previously had no idea of blind schools, but after visiting Premasree we now have a new vision to your world. The way the students are brought up here at Premasree, is worth a watch. In every field, be in studies, singing or recitation, they are excellent individuals and the credit goes to the teachers who look after them so well. After seeing their performances or work, it was hard to believe that a very important part of their body, “VISION”, is missing. We are normal with everything in particular, still they inspired us and gave us a vision of a happy life. We, the members of MANAN, wish all the success to Premasree and hope they will grow and stand strong in the future.

Preeti Ghosh

Preeti Ghosh EMPIRE Resident

This year, a wintry afternoon of 26th January Republic Day, turned into a lifetime memory engraving deep emotions and learning lifelong impressions over the heart, mind & soul of Empire’ites. Heart went out to all the kids of Premasree who took over the stage for 30 minutes and performed relentlessly in speckless sync, leaving three level generations at Empire with only one thought, i.e., “we find reasons to complain & be unhappy, whereas these beautiful souls were finding happiness in every word they sang.” We are blessed to have hosted them and see them perform. Magic happens when one walks in other person’s shoes and that moment came alive on 26 January 2017 morning at The Empire only with the family of Premasree.