Meet the students

Meet Some of Our Stars

Pratap Das, 18 years

Pratap takes special interest in extra-curricular activities as well, and is always up for doing anything that requires him to be physically active. He has the brightest broad beamed smile and is honing his expertise in English, Computer Studies and in playing the Tabla. He is an intelligent boy who likes helping around and completing chores to the best of his ability.

Chaitali Lohara, 21

She is a sincere and hardworking student. One to always come forward and do something more, she takes good care of all her friends and helps each one to bring out the best in themselves. She is extremely talented too with the gift of a perfect voice, playing various musical instruments and reciting poems perfectly. She enjoys playing outdoor games, and though initially shy, she loves discovering anything new introduced her on her own time.

Rahul Sardar, 9 years

Good things come is small packages is the perfect way to describe him. He is our ‘Rockstar’ in every way and truly a kind soul. He enjoys all that he receives and has respect for all that he owns. Always helping out his closest friend Sanju in everything he does, this boy steals every visitors heart. He is excellent at playing the small drum and mesmerizes all with his charming smile and innocence There is much that can be learnt from this magical soul.

Samrat Mondal, 14 years

Samrat has grown leaps and bounds from the time he has come to live in Premasree. He is a gem of a person, with a beautiful soul and a voice that could truly move you. He is an obedient student who is always trying his hand at various challenges, making full attempts to overcome them. He doesn’t shy away from responsibilities and surely brightens up a room with his personality. We believe he can reach for the stars and that he will excel in anything he takes up in his life.

Sukanta Dalapati, 18 years

Loves Studying English and Bangla. A tall strapping lad, he hopes to excel in mastering the English language. Uses his height to good advantage while trying basketball. Has picked up playing the tabla and sings Rabindra Sangeet beautifully. Loves his spicy munchies and once his initial shyness is over, he is an extrovert in everything!


Mintu Sheikh, 21 years

Brilliant at elocution, this tall and quiet boy with a sweet smile loves his solitude and playing on the computer.

He also teaches the younger kids and is an inspiration to many. He shares a great bond with all the other teachers and always has new ideas bubbling in his mind.

Nashir Sardar, 12 years

Nashir Sardar, being in Premasree for only 5 months, is the most brilliant in his class, first to learn and remember all that has been taught to him. He is always active, and ever ready to help those who need it, making sure that everyone participates during extra-curricular activities.

Though not one to miss an opportunity, an unfortunate accident lead to him losing his eyesight at the tender age of 5 years which has had a psychological impact on him, making him withdraw into a shell sometimes. He dreams of becoming a Tabla and English Teacher, so that he may be able to eke out a livelihood once he moves out of here.

Deep Basu, 6 years

Deep Basu, who joined only in the month of April, is our newest member. He comes across as a jovial and fun-loving child, but is taking his time to settle in. He does make an attempt to be a part of group activities, enjoys sitting in the music classes, and most of the time does require extra attention and help.

We at Premasree are doing our level best to help him come out of his shell and just be himself with all. Deep does respond to extra care and love given to him, and we are hoping that he too, like all the other kids, can make the most of everything in the school.