Join Us to celebrate Puja this year

Be the reason for our children to smile in this Puja

Join Us to celebrate Puja this year 

If you want to give them any gifts:     

 For  girls:
Cotton Kurtis,

Salwar kameez,
Jeans, Tops,

Long Skirts,

Talcum Powder,

Soaps, Shampoos etc,



For  boys:

Shirts,( cotton )
Track Pants,
Half Pants etc,

We can collect from anywhere in and around Kolkata

Please call Ms. Anudh Hossain   8777057149/ 033-22853610

If you wish to parcel it, please send to

Heavea Building, 4th Floor,
9/2 H Park Circus Connector Road
Kolkata – 700046, West Bengal
Phone:- +913322897944/22853610