• To learn Braille and to use low vision aids.
  • To benefit from expanded core curriculum instruction.
  • To learn simple mobility patterns and routes around campus.
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  • To use the white cane and learn concepts of directionality.


Candidates are admitted after scrutinizing referrals and also through recruitment drives. Interested candidates can get in touch with the Premasree office. Similarly referrals can be forwarded to us.



1.Prospective candidates must have an interest and acceptance to live in a boarding environment and merge with other similarly impaired students.

2.They are expected to develop common food habits and build camaraderie, with an intent to grow. Students are taken in after careful consideration.

3.He/she needs to satisfy the primary condition that his/her primary educational needs are related to a severe visionary loss such that it affects the pupil’s ability to access the general education or alternative curriculum.

4.The student needs to demonstrate a reasonable ability to attend to non-visual stimuli. He/she should also ideally have an ability to benefit from disability-specific instruction.

5.He/she should have a keen interest and the potential.