About Us

About Us

About Premasree :-

We would like to introduce ourselves as Premasree, a free residential home for the blind and visually impaired children. Set up as a Registered Trust, we commenced our operation in December 2012 in a scenic village called Jagulgachi in 24 Paraganas (S), West Bengal, 30 km from Science City, Kolkata.

Our Vision is to promote a sustainable model of economic and academic opportunity for blind and visually impaired children by giving them access to a conducive environment for their overall development.

Our Mission :-

is to educate and prepare our visually impaired children to help them gain equal rights in society, having achieved psychological and financial independence.

The youngest student at Premasree is 7 years old and the oldest is 24. At Premasree, we have a team of hardworking and dedicated individuals like special educators trained in Braille, Vocational Trainers and Counsellors who impart knowledge, spanning across subjects ranging from Maths, Science, English, Bengali, History, and Geography to Computer training. Apart from academics, children here are taught Concept Formation, recitation, music, dance, sports, yoga and other mobility activities. We also give a lot of emphasis on vocational training where children are taught to make paper bags, candles, and spices (masalas), the purpose of which is to make them financially independent so that once they move out of here, they can eke out their own livelihood, contribute gainfully to society and live with dignity. Hence, Vocational Training is an integral part of the school’s curriculum. With a fairly large land area, we have vegetable gardens, poultry, duck pond and a cow shed. In due course of time, we hope to become a self sufficient abode, supporting more blind children.
Premasree wishes to grow its family from educating twenty seven children to 250 students, and becoming one of the most committed residential homes for blind and visually impaired in the country. Premasree looks forward to creating a difference to the lives of visually impaired children in Kolkata and in 24 Parganas.

Our journey is long and we have miles to go. Your earnest co-operation in partnering our cause will assist us to grow to make a difference to many lives. After all they are also Children of an Equal God.