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About Premasree:-

The youngest student at Premasree is 10 years old and the oldest is 35  years old. At Premasree emphasis is given on Braille literacy, concept, formation, children are taught to make bags and spices. The purpose of these training is to make these children financially independent so that once they go out of here they can eke out their own livelihood, contribute gainfully to society and live with dignity. Hence, vocational training is an integral part of the school’s curriculum. In due course of time, Premasree will become a self-sufficient abode, supporting more blind children.

Premasree wishes to grow its family from educating twenty-five children in a home to 250 students and becoming one of the most committed residential homes for blind and visually impaired in the country.

Premasree looks forward to creating a difference in the lives of visually impaired children in Kolkata and in 24 Parganas and increase the trickle of students by 30% in FY18.


Appreciation letter by the Governor of West Bengal

We are on a mission


to educate and prepare our visually impaired children to help them gain equal rights in society, we aim to help them achieve psychological and financial independence and to make sure our every single visually impaired child has the self-belief and skills to fulfill the potential.


Our Vision


to promote a sustainable model of economic and academic opportunity to blind and visually impaired children by giving them access to a conducive environment for their overall development.


Our Belief


is fostering empathy, not sympathy. Eradication of social stigmas and awareness of treating individuals/communities we serve as equal partners in progress and not as mere beneficiaries. Ensuring that our projects are well oriented with the needs of the differently abled and embedded in a larger social environ.